What’s That Building? Sukkah Design Festival in North Lawndale

Sukkot are usually temporary structures, but architects designed them for three North Lawndale organizations to use long term for their programming.

Winthrop Family Historical Garden Pays Tribute to Uptown Chicago’s Historic Roots

A vibrant community garden and gathering space celebrates the rich history of the original families who lived along Winthrop Avenue.

Winthrop Garden POP! Plaza Opens At 4628 N Winthrop Avenue In Uptown

The City of Chicago has celebrated the grand opening of the Winthrop Garden POP! Plaza at 4628 N Winthrop Avenue in Uptown. Located on the short back road just north of the intersection between N Kenmore Avenue and W Wilson Avenue, the new space replaces an existing community garden which has stood in its place for nearly 20 years.

‘A bridge to something greater’ (Chicago Sukkah Design Festival)

Housing activists in North Lawndale unite with Jewish groups during fall harvest festival.

North Lawndale students learn about their neighborhood's Jewish heritage

More than 100 years ago, North Lawndale was predominately Jewish. On Wednesday, members of the Jewish community went to meet with young people, who now call North Lawndale home.

Chicago Sukkah Design Festival

The Chicago Sukkah Design Festival pairs North Lawndale community organizations with diverse architectural designers to design and build sukkahs (small huts constructed outdoors for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot) that amplify civic life.