El Convivio

LocationPilsenBuilt2020ClientEl Paseo Community Garden

“Human Scale did a wonderful job incorporating all the ideas we brainstormed during the design process into the final product.”

- Antonio Acevedo, El Paseo Community Garden Co-Director


Following the completion of the Hive in 2019, we were asked to develop a social gathering space and ADA accessible gardening space for a group of seniors living in Casa Maravilla, a senior housing complex located next to El Paseo Community Garden.


  • Create a space for the seniors to come together to cook, socialize, and hold social events such as musical performances and Day of The Dead activities.
  • Make the space ADA accessible by building pathways, paver surfaces, and raised planter beds
  • Revitalize the space that once was filled with cookouts, BBQs, firepits, Day of The Dead ceremonies, and musical performances.


We had various meetings with a group of seniors from Casa Maravilla. In these meetings they shared stories about the communal things they did in their space years ago. These stories inspired us to create elements that could bring back those events to the garden.





  • ADA compliant decomposed granite pathways
  • Three wheelchair accessible planter stations with seating, tables, and planting areas
  • Picnic table with fixed and movable benches
  • Firepit
  • Brick patio
  • Countertop with grill
  • Semi-private bench and planter bed

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